Han Gong-Ju

Han Gong-Ju
Works so well and gets under the skin so incessantly because it's realistic

Guns Of Dragon

Guns Of Dragon
Worth a watch for those in the mood for gratuitous gun blazing nonsense

Once Upon A Time In Shanghai

Once Upon A Time In Shanghai
A popcorn fight flick that is well worth your time despite its weaknesses


Following last years successful Korean Blogathon, New Korean Cinema and cineAWESOME! hosted the event again in 2012 from 5th to the 11th March. The blogathon is a way to try to encourage as many people – including YOU! – to share and discover opinions and ideas about Korean cinema.

For one week they try to encourage as many people as possible to get involved writing about Korean cinema. Anything you want. Over the the course of the seven days this kicks up some really interesting posts – and, most importantly, people are able to read what you’ve written and discover films and ideas that they’ve never come across before, maybe learn a little about Korean film history, or maybe even discover websites and blogs they were previously unaware of.

Ideas for blog posts might include reviews, top tens, opinions on favourite directors / actors / genres, whatever you want – it just needs to be related to Korean cinema in some way. Last year fifty blogs participated, generating one hundred and fifty posts!

Here at Far East Films we also got involved, providing various reviews throughout the week as well as acting as a hub to show all the links that were being generated around the web. The following is a full list of all the material that was submitted:


March 11, 2012


March 10, 2012


March 9, 2012


March 8, 2012


March 7, 2012


March 6, 2012


March 5, 2012