The Rebel

The Rebel
As a period fight film, ‘The Rebel’ is a fine piece of entertainment

She, A Chinese

She, A Chinese
Some scenes of striking realism but derailed by soap opera theatrics

Falcon Rising

Falcon Rising
Saved by the ever-awesome Michael Jai White and a few decent fight scenes
Trailer For 'Amen' September 28, 2011
Trailer For 'Amen'

The trailer has been released for 'Amen', a new South Korean drama from director Kim Ki-Duk. The film stars newcomer Kim Ye-na as a woman who travels to Europe in search of her missing lover. During the journey however, she suffers a horrible incident that leaves her questioning her life and love.

'Underwater Love' On UK DVD September 24, 2011
'Underwater Love' On UK DVD

Third Window Films have announced the UK DVD release of 'Underwater Love' for the 21st November, 2011. Directed by pink-film veteran Shinji Imaoka ('Lunch Box'), the film is a zany musical that centres around the bizarre relationship between a 30-something woman and a sea creature.

Teaser For 'Penny Pinchers' September 24, 2011
Teaser For 'Penny Pinchers'

The teaser trailer has been released for 'Penny Pinchers' (AKA 'Many A Little Romance'), a new Korean romantic drama written and directed by Kim Jeong-hwan. The film focuses around a stingy girl and a boasting boy who come up with a masterplan that they hope will make them both rich.

Japan Flix: 5 Friends And It's Free September 24, 2011
Japan Flix: 5 Friends And It's Free

From Friday, September 23rd through to Sunday, October 2nd, Japan Flix will be running its “5 friends and it’s free” promotion. Simply get 5 friends to sign up (it’s free!) at Japan Flix and you’ll get a movie of your choice for free for five days. This promotion is only open to people living in the US and Canada.

'The Cat' On Korean DVD September 23, 2011
'The Cat' On Korean DVD

KD Media have announced the Korean DVD release of 'The Cat' for the 5th October, 2011. The film stars popular television actress Park Min-yeong ('City Hunter') as a 20-something animal beautician who starts to experience oddities after adopting a cat who's previous owners died mysteriously.

Trailer For 'Friends Never Die' September 23, 2011
Trailer For 'Friends Never Die'

The trailer has been released for 'Friends Never Die', a new Thai gangster flick helmed by Atsajun Sattakovit. The film tells the story of two friends, played by Mario Maurer and Natcha Jantapan, who start to walk down a very dark path that leads them to become involved in a gangster society.

Teaser Trailer For 'The Kick' September 23, 2011
Teaser Trailer For 'The Kick'

The teaser trailer has been released for 'The Kick', the new action flick from 'Ong Bak' director Prachya Pinkaew. The film centres around a Taekwondo master and his family who become accidental heroes after they foil a robbery. Little do they realise though, that the robber will come looking for revenge.

'Death Bell' In Selected Cinemas And On UK DVD September 23, 2011
'Death Bell' In Selected Cinemas And On UK DVD

Terror-Cotta have announced the UK DVD and theatrical releases of 'Death Bell' for the 24th October, 2011. Directed by Yoon Hong-Seung, the film revolves around a group of students who get forced into a series of sadistic games and quizzes where one student will die for each incorrect answer.

Trailer For 'Demon 2' September 22, 2011
Trailer For 'Demon 2'

The trailer has been released for 'Demon 2', a new Chinese drug-related drama directed by Li Wei. Loosely based on a real-life case, the film focuses around a group of individuals who all turn to drugs after failing to cope with the pressures of their daily lives. The cast includes Liu Kai Chi and Elena Kong.

'The Suppressor' On UK DVD September 22, 2011
'The Suppressor' On UK DVD

Ara Paiaya's new martial arts revenge flick, 'The Suppressor', is now available to own on UK DVD. Set amongst the seedy underbelly of Scottish organised crime, the film stars Paiaya as a man who has grown so tired of all the illegal activity that he decides to take the law into his own hands.