A Hard Day

A Hard Day
A crackerjack South Korean comedy that sweeps the viewer up in its riptide

Breathing Fire

Breathing Fire
Blends B-movie American cheesiness with some blistering Hong Kong action


A zippy caper that is much wittier and far more entertaining than expected
Teaser For 'White Vengeance' October 12, 2011
Teaser For 'White Vengeance'

The teaser trailer has been released for 'White Vengeance', a new period action adventure from director Daniel Lee ('14 Blades'). Set in 206 B.C., the film recalls the well-known event where warring general Xiang Yu organised a banquet so that he could assassinate his biggest rival, Liu Bang.

'I Wish' On Japanese DVD And Blu-Ray October 12, 2011
'I Wish' On Japanese DVD And Blu-Ray

Bandai Visual have announced the Japanese DVD and Blu-Ray releases of 'I Wish' for the 9th November, 2011. Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, the film centres around two brothers, played by real-life brothers Koki and Oshiro Maeda, who are determined to reunite their family after a messy divorce.

Edko And Irresistible Launch Action Duo October 12, 2011
Edko And Irresistible Launch Action Duo

Hong Kong-based Edko Films and Irresistible Films have unveiled two new homegrown productions set for release in 2012. The first will be a crime thriller entitled 'Nightfall', starring Nick Cheung and Simon Yam, while the second is a police action film going by the name of 'Cold War'.

'Closed Note' On Korean DVD October 12, 2011
'Closed Note' On Korean DVD

Candle Media have announced the Korean DVD release of 'Closed Note' for the 15th October, 2011. Based on a popular novel by Shizukui Shusuke, the film is a heartwarming pure love story that stars Sawajiri Erika ('Pacchigi!') and Takeuchi Yuko ('Be With You') as two women on similar journeys.

An Interview With Clement Cheng - Part Two October 09, 2011
An Interview With Clement Cheng - Part Two

At this year's ‘Terracotta Film Festival’, Far East Films had the honour of catching up with writer/director Clement Cheng ('Gallants', 'Merry-Go-Round'). In part two of our exclusive interview with Clement, the award-winning director talks more about the filming process and future projects.

Full Trailer For 'The Lady' October 09, 2011
Full Trailer For 'The Lady'

The full trailer has been released for 'The Lady', director Luc Besson's biopic of Burmese pro-Democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The film focuses on how Suu Kyi (Michelle Yeoh) and her husband managed to stay together despite facing long separations and a dangerously hostile regime.

'Yakuza Weapon' On Japanese DVD October 09, 2011
'Yakuza Weapon' On Japanese DVD

Nikkatsu have announced the Japanese DVD release of 'Yakuza Weapon' for the 7th January, 2012. Co-directed by Yudai Yamaguchi and Tak Sakaguchi, the film centres around a former yakuza and fulltime mercenary (Sakaguchi) who vows to take revenge for the murder of his gang boss father.

Davis Film Acquire The Film Rights To 'Golgo 13' October 09, 2011
Davis Film Acquire The Film Rights To 'Golgo 13'

Samuel Hadida’s Davis Film have acquired the film rights to 'Golgo 13', the classic manga written and illustrated by Takao Saito. The company, which is known for its adaptations of 'Crying Freeman', 'Silent Hill', and 'Resident Evil', hopes to turn the 40-year-old series into a long-running feature franchise.

'Helldriver' On US DVD And Blu-Ray October 09, 2011
'Helldriver' On US DVD And Blu-Ray

Well Go USA have announced the US DVD and Blu-Ray releases of 'Helldriver' for the 22nd November, 2011. Directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura ('Tokyo Gore Police'), the film stars Yumiko Hara as a zombie-battling high school girl armed with a chainsaw sword powered by an artificial heart.

Trailer For 'Starry, Starry Night' October 08, 2011
Trailer For 'Starry, Starry Night'

The trailer has been released for 'Starry, Starry Night', a new Taiwanese drama from director Tom Shuyu Lin. Based on an illustrated book by Jimmy Liao, the film stars Josie Xu ('CJ7') as a young girl who is so desperate to escape the loneliness of  her life that she decides to runs away.