The Sword Identity

The Sword Identity
At times so sublimely executed and at others achingly self-conscious

The Viral Factor

The Viral Factor
A slick tale of biological weapons, long lost brothers and huge gunfights

Gun Woman

Gun Woman
Perfect if you're in the mood for a healthy helping of boobs and blood
'Romantic Heaven' On Korean DVD June 07, 2011
'Romantic Heaven' On Korean DVD

Art Service have announced the Korean DVD release of 'Romantic Heaven' for the 6th July, 2011. Written and directed by Jang Jin, the film is a sentimental exploration of the ties that hold people together in both life and the afterlife.The cast includes Kim Su Ro, Kim Dong Wook, Shim Eun Kyung, and Lim Won Hee.

Full Trailer For 'Nintama Rantaro' June 07, 2011
Full Trailer For 'Nintama Rantaro'

The full trailer has been released for 'Nintama Rantaro' (AKA 'Ninja Kids!!!'), Takashi Miike's live-action adaptation of Sobee Amako's comedy manga. Set during the 15th century Sengoku (Warring States) period, the film centres around an 8-year-old boy who attends a school for young ninjas.

Phillip Noyce Directing 'Bloodsport' Remake June 07, 2011
Phillip Noyce Directing 'Bloodsport' Remake

Director Phillip Noyce ('Salt') has signed up to direct a remake of the 1986 martial arts cult classic 'Bloodsport'. The film is being written by Robert Mark Kamen ('Taken'), with Ed Pressman and Alberto Lensi producing. No word yet on who will be filling the shoes of original star Jean Claude Van Damme.

Trailer For 'Poongsan' June 06, 2011
Trailer For 'Poongsan'

The trailer has been released for 'Poongsan', a new Korean drama helmed by Jeon Jae-hong ('Beautiful'). The film stars Yoon Kye-sang ('Come, Closer') as a young man who takes it upon himself to make the journey between North and South Korea to pass messages between separated families.

'Late Blossom' On Korean DVD June 06, 2011
'Late Blossom' On Korean DVD

KD Media have announced the Korean DVD release of 'Late Blossom' for the 21st June, 2011. Directed by Choo Chang Min ('Lost in Love') and based on a comic by Kang Pool, the film stars four of Korea's most respected veteran actors as two older couples who don't let age get in the way of love.

Teaser Trailer For 'One Wrong Step' June 03, 2011
Teaser Trailer For 'One Wrong Step'

The teaser trailer has been released for 'One Wrong Step', a new romantic drama directed by Tao Jiang. The film stars Yi Sha as a young talented lawyer who chooses to help a woman in need (Ying Qu). However, this one act of decency triggers a series of mishaps that drastically alter his life.

'Chase Our Love' On HK DVD And Blu-Ray June 03, 2011
'Chase Our Love' On HK DVD And Blu-Ray

Director Yang Zi's ensemble romantic comedy 'Chase Our Love' is now available to own on HK DVD and Blu-Ray. The film brings together 40 stars for a hilarious take on the age-old battle of the sexes. The cast includes Kenny Bee, Wong Yau Nam, Alex Fong, Stephy Tang, Crystal Huang and Vonnie Lui.

Promo For Live-Action 'Hayate' TV Series June 03, 2011
Promo For Live-Action 'Hayate' TV Series

A promotional video has been released for the Taiwanese live-action series adaptation of Kenjirou Hata's 'Hayate The Combat Butler' manga. The story follows a boy named Hayate who winds up serving as a butler, bodyguard, confidante, and more to a girl named Nagi to pay off a huge debt.

'Akira' On UK Blu-Ray June 02, 2011
'Akira' On UK Blu-Ray

Manga Entertainment have announced the UK Blu-Ray release of 'Akira' for the 27th June, 2011. Universally acclaimed as one of the greatest anime features of all time, the film has been digitally restored and remastered in full HD with “Hypersonic” audio especially for this long-awaited Blu-Ray release.

First Photos From 'The Royal Tramp' June 02, 2011
First Photos From 'The Royal Tramp'

The first set of photos have been released for 'The Royal Tramp', a new adaptation of Louis Cha's novel, 'The Deer and the Cauldron'. The story centres around an illiterate and lazy protagonist by the name of Wei Xiaobao, who makes his way from Yangzhou to Beijing through a series of bizarre adventures.