Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe
Sion Sono delivers a truly eye searing, ear assaulting, hip hop odyssey

Gangster Payday

Gangster Payday
Will twinge the memories of that golden era of Hong Kong cinematic output

Axis Of War: The First Of August

Axis Of War: The First Of August
Promises plenty of grand scale war action but delivers very little

'I Love Hong Kong 2012' On HK DVD and Blu-Ray


CN Entertainment have announced the HK DVD and Blu-Ray releases of 'I Love Hong Kong 2012' for the 29th March, 2012. Co-directed by Chung Shu Kai and Wilson Chin, the film is a a lighthearted family comedy filled with irreverent Hong Kong-style humour, generating laughs out of the latest hot topics in town.


Kwok Ching (Stanley Fung) is a soon-to-retire television weatherman who really has long aspired to be a news anchor. At home, he's single-handedly brought up three children, but they are fed up with him meddling in their lives. His eldest daughter Mei Mei (Teresa Mo) is a successful lawyer, and married to househusband Yao Ming (Eric Tsang). Tomboyish second daughter Ching Ching (Denise Ho) manages a supermarket and is in love with sissy promoter Lok Yi Nga (Bosco Wong). The youngest son Fu Shing (6wing) is an otaku enamored with beautiful starlet Vivian (Zhang Xinyu) and he unwittingly becomes the romantic rival of billionaire Roberto (William So). Meanwhile, struck by the shocking news of the world's impending doom, Kwok Ching is determined that he must reunite his family before it's too late...


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Artwork and trailer are below, and you can preorder both versions now from




Posted March 22, 2012