God Of Gamblers 2

Andy Lau
Stephen Chow Sing Chi
Charles Heung
Cheung Man
Ng Man Tat

Paul Wong Kwan

Wong Jing

Jimmy Heung
Charles Heung

Wong Jing

   God Of Gamblers 2
God Of Gamblers 2
AKA : God Of Gamblers II || Knight Of Gamblers || All For The Winner 2
Year : 1990     Reviewer : Phil Mills

Ko Chun's good friend, Little Knife (Lau), has had a year to learn the art of gambling from his mentor and is now making a name for himself as the "Knight of Gamblers".  Sadly, under the terms of his teaching he is only able to keep 5% of all that he wins and must donate the remainder to charity.  When Sing (Chow) appears on his doorstep claiming to have mystical powers he sees a chance to use this hapless idiot for his own gain.  However, they both have bigger problems in the form of the foster son of Mr. Chan (the original foe of the God Of Gamblers) who vows revenge and realises that he can tarnish the reputation of the God Of Gamblers by humiliating his student.  It's up to Knife and Sing to make sure that their gambling credentials remains intact.



Andy Lau was the only star that returned for this sequel to 'God Of Gamblers' and also ironically about the only real similarity between the two films.  The emphasis here shifts to the comedy elements with Chow Sing Chi entering the fray (mainly due to his superb spoof of 'God Of Gamblers' in 'All For The Winner'), resulting in him stealing the spotlight.  The early sparks of the magic to come from Chow mean this film will be better remembered as his introduction to the big time instead of a respected part of the series.  Luckily, the mix of great jokes and a decent chemistry between Chow and Lau make this a film which is still worth watching.



The gambling scenes obviously remain and, at this point in the "Gamblers" timeline, still retained a refreshing innocence about them that keep them exciting.  A few short fights are thrown in to give the film more width and Lau gets to display his mediocre martial artistry whilst Chow also gets in on the action by using a pair of plungers like nunchuks.  Returning in his "tough as nails" bodyguard role is Charles Heung, who adds the most impressive and realistic combat through a combination of his fists and gunplay.



Despite a few minor connections and a couple of returning actors, this film was never going to live up to the reputation that ensued from the original.  Without Yun Fat there was little chance of recreating such stunning performances but by using Chow Sing Chi we are treated to some comic moments of genius.  Sadly, the attempts to cash-in from the original are what spoil it and if Jing had chosen to make an unconnected adventure it could have been more enjoyable.  It remains a good stand alone comedy affair but should not be watched by fans of the original expecting more of the same.

Distributor : Mei Ah (remaster)
Region : 0 (NTSC)
Running Time : 104 mins
Video :
Anamorphic letterboxed print with improved sharpness, accurate colours and relatively no damage. Minor grain is evident but more than likely due to cheaper film stock than any defect in the transfer.
Audio :
DD 2.0/DD 5.1/DTS Cantonese or Mandarin soundtracks with removable English, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese subtitles.
Extras :
- The usual databank featuring a movie synopsis and cast & crew listings
- Trailers for 'God Of Gamblers 2' and 'God Of Gamblers 3: Back To Shanghai'
Notes :
God Of Gamblers 2
God Of Gamblers 2