Trailer: ‘Remember to Breathe’

By   |  Oct 5, 2022

‘Remember to Breathe’ (わたしのお母さん) is a 2022 Japanese drama written and directed by Masakazu Sugita.

The film revolves around an estranged mother and daughter who are reunited under difficult circumstances and quickly start to feel the strain on their relationship. The cast includes Mao Inoue, Eri Ishida, Junko Abe, Show Kasamatsu, and Ichiro Hashimoto.

Synopsis: Hiroko (Eri Ishida) has a minor fire accident at her home and this leads her to stay with her daughter Yuko (Mao Inoue) for a while. The mother and daughter have spent a long time apart and have a frosty relationship. Now living together again, Yuko still finds it hard to be close to her mother. Her mother frequently hurts her emotionally without intending to do so. Memories and emotions that Yuko has held locked away in her mind begin to surface. Yuko must face her true feelings. [Source: AsianWiki]

‘Remember to Breathe’ opens across Japan on November 11, 2022.

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