• Kill ‘Em All

    ‘Kill ’Em All’ has a gem of an idea at its core but squanders it with needless flashbacks, unnecessary characters and terrible editing.

  • The Witness

    ,  • 
    Oct 23

    The characters are realistic and have sympathetic worries to consider, the twists keep the viewer guessing throughout and it benefits from Kim Sang-ho at his very best.

  • May The Devil Take You

    Oct 16

    Groovy, gory, good time from ‘The Night Comes for Us’ director Timo Tjahjanto, ‘May the Devil Take You’ ramps up the craziness when the devil decides to collect his dues.

  • Canola

    ,  • 
    Oct 7

    Sentimental, yet never schmaltzy, inspiring though certainly not preachy, ‘Canola’ strikes a beautiful balance between its elements that makes for a hugely admirable whole.

  • My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

    While the animation and action are definitely well handled, the numerous anime movie clichés prevent it from ever progressing beyond anything other than filler.

  • Eerie

    , ,  • 
    Sep 30

    ‘Eerie’ may adhere to cliché and an over-reliance on jump scares but thanks to an effective sense of dread conjures up a worthwhile watch in the long-haired-scary-ghost-girl genre.

  • Dying To Survive

    ,  • 
    Sep 24

    While ‘Dying To Survive’ offers an important message, it is, at its heart, an excellent comic drama.

  • Simply Actors

    Sep 17

    ‘Simply Actors’ represents a modest enough cinematic diversion, even superficially entertaining in passages, for modern Hong Kong cinema aficionados.

  • Avengement

    , ,  • 
    Sep 9

    Adkins and Johnson go full force here and while it may not be to everyone’s taste, ‘Avengement’ is another hit for the duo and showcase for the unprecedented talents of Scott Adkins.

  • The Tigress Of Shaolin

    Despite having all of the benefits of being made under the Shaw Brothers’ banner – solid production values and a notable cast – this is insipid film-making.

  • The Matrimony

    , ,  • 
    Aug 26

    It is an elegant, richly designed and photographed tale of love from beyond the grave that rarely bothers itself with the imagery or shock-tactic clichés of the genre.

  • Triple Threat

    Fast and fun ensemble action flick puts some of the best fight stars front and centre for an action blast straight out of the 1990s.

  • Shoplifters

    Aug 12

    As a work of cinema, ‘Shoplifters’ is as carefully considered, lovingly framed and beautifully measured as the very best the medium offers.

  • The Heirloom

    Aug 1

    There are no true “scares” to be had in Chen’s film, at least not in the traditional horror genre sense, but there are some bona fide moments of dread that will dig in and crawl under one’s skin.

  • Hello Mr. Billionaire

    Jul 24

    While it runs out of steam far sooner than it should have done, ‘Hello Mr. Billionaire’ does offer a few smiles along the way.

  • Parasite

    , ,  • 
    Jul 12

    It’s easy to see why ‘Parasite’ won the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Bong Joon-ho’s latest is no mere pretender to greatness; it’s the genuine article.

  • Soul Mate

    ,  • 
    Jun 26

    While it might not quite hit the heights it sometimes seems to be reaching for, it is still a touching and quietly rewarding meditation on friendship.

  • Golden Job

    , ,  • 
    Jun 12

    Working with what is probably a minimal budget by Hollywood standards, Chin Ka-Lok fashions quite an impressive action film, complete with international locations and slick looking set-pieces.

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