• The Harvest

    May 17

    ‘The Harvest’ is a slow-burning, independent take on inter-generational tension, focused on the patient reveal rather than the spectacular twist and in this way it feels much more relatable.

  • Project Wolf Hunting

    The makers conjure an intense and propulsive energy that keeps the flick moving and engaging, mounting the action with innovative verve to deliver powerful action scenes.

  • Dreams

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    May 4

    The narrative and sonic stylings lag behind the excellent visuals, and the film isn’t really more than the sum of its parts.

  • Ride On

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    Apr 27

    For those of us who have grown up with Jackie Chan, this leaves quite an impression; it recalls an era of cinema, not just Hong Kong but worldwide, that will never be repeated again.

  • Hollywood Cop

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    Apr 27

    While it does have its fair share of amusingly bizarre dialogue and cheesy action sequences, it also has quite a bit of uninteresting filler that regularly drags it down.

  • The Bullet Train

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    Apr 20

    ‘The Bullet Train’ delivers a lot of thrilling spectacle and drama nearly fifty years after its initial release.

  • The Big 4

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    Apr 6

    Mixing tones and styles, ‘The Big 4’ is reminiscent of action films from Hong Kong’s glory days providing stunt-filled chaos to sate action junkies but plenty of laughs and heart in between the action to make us smile.

  • Spy Games

    ,  • 
    Mar 30

    ‘Spy Games’ is packed with 80s excess and ebullience, yet forgot to include the countless other elements that so many of its contemporaries included.

  • The Killer: A Girl Who Deserves To Die

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    Mar 23

    With its refreshing 90-minute runtime and welcome 1990s action movie approach to delivering as many set-pieces as possible, ‘The Killer’ may lack overall character development, but it delivers stellar done-for-real action.

  • The Crazy Companies

    Mar 16

    It was a big box office hit on its release, features Chingmy Yau looking adorable and has some decent chemistry between the cast, but that’s not enough to drag the viewer through the ninety-minute running time.

  • Warriors Of Future

    Finally arriving after those teaser trailers taunted us with big-budget rampaging robot action, ‘Warriors of Future’ may not quite live up to its barmy high concept, but it gives it a good go.

  • Broker

    Feb 22

    ‘Broker’ is deceptively gentle in the same way as the tide is – constant, soothing and yet with a power to erode even the hardest granite with its motion.

  • Violent Streets

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    Feb 10

    A tough film with many unlikable characters but a thrilling tale of gangster revenge that has lost none of its force over the past 50 years.

  • Bomb Disposal Officer: Baby Bomb

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    Jan 31

    The comedy is hit-and-miss and as it takes up the majority of the running time, it slows the pace right down after a promising start.

  • The Witch: Part 2. The Other One

    , ,  • 
    Jan 20

    Park Hoon-Jung certainly knows how to craft action but he also imbues the film with a dark tone, slow build tension, and a subtly cool vibe that contributes to the atmosphere and world building.

  • Drunken Master Su Qier

    ,  • 
    Jan 12

    The action ranges from the adequate to the quite good – hardly a ringing endorsement, I grant you – but suffers from that same curse of poor wirework.

  • Hunt

    ,  • 
    Jan 2

    Perhaps too overly convoluted, po-faced and twist happy for its own good, ‘Hunt’ is nevertheless mounted with impressive verve and if one can forgive its flaws, is an exhilarating action charged political thriller.

  • New Kung Fu Cult Master

    ‘New Kung Fu Cult Master’ isn’t a great film, maybe not even a very good one, but there’s enough strengths here to make you eager to watch the second part.

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