• Exit

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    Jan 15

    It works perfectly with these protagonists and Lee Sang-Geun throws every cinematic trick and cliché out of the bag to put these two through the wringer.

  • In Full Bloom

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    Jan 7

    Over its full running time of a modest ninety minutes, ‘In Full Bloom’ runs out of steam and the attempt at deeper layers of introspection become stilted.

  • Prisoners Of The Ghostland

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    Dec 31

    ‘Prisoners of the Ghostland’ unfortunately doesn’t deliver on its promise of uniting Cage and Sono in a tale of post-apocalyptic rescue.

  • The Attorney

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    Dec 25

    Wong Kwok Fai has given us a film of quality with ‘The Attorney’, a courtroom thriller that deserves a place among its more illustrious contemporaries.

  • Balance Of Power

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    Dec 18

    ‘Balance of Power’ is a fast and fun little programmer that gets by on the likability of its star and the pairing of him with the always great Mako.

  • Fish Story

    At every turn, the film constantly subverts expectations, creating situations that initially seem all-too familiar before sending them in unexpected, often hilarious directions.

  • Extreme Job

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    Dec 4

    What starts as an amusing, quirky action comedy goes off the rails around the hour mark, the makers falling foul of the obscure law of Korean blockbusters that means that they MUST have a duration of two hours or over.

  • The Paper Tigers

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    Nov 27

    Funny, touching and with kick ass action ‘The Paper Tigers’ is a gem and should be sought out by all fight film fans.

  • Drive My Car

    Nov 21

    ‘Drive My Car’ is both a beautiful adaptation and a clever expansion of Haruki Murakami’s short story of the same name from the 2014 collection ‘Men Without Women’.

  • Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes

    ,  • 
    Nov 17

    ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes’ has enough effortless charm and genuine heart to mean that this is more than just an exercise in playing that beloved narrative device of time-travel.

  • The Prey

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    Nov 14

    Once the hunt begins the film unfortunately doesn’t bring the momentum the concept needs and clogs the narrative with various confusing subplots and too much focus on the bad guys.

  • The Medium

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    Nov 6

    While the faux documentary/found footage angle threatens to buckle proceedings on occasion, ‘The Medium’ is nevertheless an impressive and brutally nihilistic delve into the dark side of spirituality.

  • Hell Hath No Fury

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    Oct 31

    Those expecting a one-woman killing machine type flick may be disappointed as this is much more a character piece and darkly told tale that pulls no punches.

  • 6 Bullets

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    Oct 31

    ‘6 Bullets’ is a decent little action B movie with a couple of enjoyable fights and a fine performance from Van Damme as the grizzled assassin.

  • New York Ninja

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    Oct 25

    The glory days of the 80s ninja flick may be long gone but ‘New York Ninja’ is a welcome reminder of how much crazy earnest fun they were.

  • Wish Dragon

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    Oct 25

    Like many modern animations, it’s a very fast-paced and colourful affair that features an easy to warm to set of characters and some simplistic humour that is suitable for all the family.

  • Lady Detective Shadow

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    Oct 20

    ‘Lady Detective Shadow’ is part Detective Dee and part ‘Come Drink With Me’ though nowhere as good as either.

  • Tribal: Get Out Alive

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    Oct 8

    Tightly helmed by Brit action guy Matt Routledge, ‘Tribal’ is a fun collision of genres that overcomes a limited budget (and the occasional ropey acting) to deliver a short and sharp horror action hybrid.

  • Find Your Voice

    ,  • 
    Oct 1

    It’s good to see Hong Kong actor/composer Lowell Lo again, and Andy Lau is always charming. Nevertheless, ‘Find Your Voice’ is as subtle as a hammer to the kneecaps.

  • Hospital

    ,  • 
    Sep 24

    A pretty cool concept for this Taiwanese horror is all but wasted under a slew of clichés, incredibly muddled plotting, and not enough decent scares.

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