• Future Kick

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    Sep 2

    Don Wilson is on good form and gets to strut his stuff in a few crunchy, punchy, round housing fight scenes including a brutal face off with Chris Penn come the finale.

  • Blackbelt

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    Aug 26

    Along with all the sweet kickboxing action the flick crams in a fair chunk of graphic gore and a surprising amount of drama for a low budget B-movie.

  • My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

    ‘Heroes Rising’ is a step in the right direction but it is still some way from being the ultimate ‘My Hero Academia’ movie.

  • My Prince Edward

    ,  • 
    Aug 14

    Tackling familiar pressures that face young couples – especially women – in modern Hong Kong, Wong favours an understated, low-fi style that suits the material very well.

  • Seeding Of A Ghost

    , ,  • 
    Aug 7

    For the undemanding genre fan, or neophyte viewers just discovering Asian horror, ‘Seeding of a Ghost’ is that illustrious “beer & pizza” time waster that provides a taster of what else to expect.

  • Double World

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    Jul 31

    Big of budget and large in scope, ‘Double World’ starts out promising and begins to build to something rather exciting before petering off in the final third when it can’t quite keep up its momentum.

  • Zen Master 6

    ,  •  ,
    Jul 20

    Too early for the post-‘Once Upon A Time In China’ boom and too late for the post-‘Shaolin Temple’ frenzy in 1981, ‘Zen Master 6’ is perhaps better appreciated all of these years later.

  • Skyfire

    ,  • 
    Jul 10

    ‘Skyfire’ is a suitably big and brash disaster epic that mimics the bombastic Hollywood productions that reached their apex in the 1970s.

  • Abduction

    A bit like a SyFy Channel movie mixed with an Adkins actioner, ‘Abduction’ is ninety or so minutes of sci-fi silliness coupled with action awesomeness featuring two of the best screen fighters around.

  • House Of The Rising Sons

    , , ,  • 
    Jun 27

    It’s a solid study of the strains that sudden fame has on friendship, especially when the screaming girls and management team are favouring two members over the whole five.

  • Kickboxer 5: The Redemption

    , , ,  • 
    Jun 23

    ‘Kickboxer 5’ is far from perfect but it remains a solid action outing that is boosted by the inclusion of such a physically adept leading man.

  • Wira

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    Jun 23

    The action in ‘Wira’ makes up for any fumbles with the narrative and while this could have been a shorter, sharper film it’s nevertheless a great action showcase for those involved.

  • A Wicked Ghost

    Jun 19

    ‘A Wicked Ghost’ is a vaguely interesting premise, let down by some rather pedestrian direction and generally wooden performances by its largely unknown cast.

  • Flu

    , ,  • 
    Jun 15

    If you’re in the mood for a measure of catharsis, mid-isolation, ‘Flu’ is a well made disaster film that is just polished enough not to be too harrowing in the current climate.

  • Debt Collectors

    , ,  • 
    Jun 10

    This is pulp noir action done right, the banter as sharp as the flying fists and Johnson wisely builds on the first film adding depth to French and Sue as their bond deepens.

  • Set Up

    ,  • 
    Jun 6

    Definitely a blight on Billy Chung’s eclectic cinematic oeuvre, ‘Set Up’ is a formerly shelved title that should have remained buried indefinitely.

  • The Inugami Family

    , ,  • 
    May 29

    Ichikawa has put together an attractive and professional interpretation of one of Japan’s beloved characters.

  • Killing

    , ,  • 
    May 25

    Tsukamoto proves that he can stand with the filmic legends as he proudly represents a unique sense of style in a densely populated medium.

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