• The Paper Tigers

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    Nov 27

    Funny, touching and with kick ass action ‘The Paper Tigers’ is a gem and should be sought out by all fight film fans.

  • Drive My Car

    Nov 21

    ‘Drive My Car’ is both a beautiful adaptation and a clever expansion of Haruki Murakami’s short story of the same name from the 2013 collection ‘Men Without Women’.

  • Beyond The Infinite Two Minutes

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    Nov 17

    ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes’ has enough effortless charm and genuine heart to mean that this is more than just an exercise in playing that beloved narrative device of time-travel.

  • The Prey

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    Nov 14

    Once the hunt begins the film unfortunately doesn’t bring the momentum the concept needs and clogs the narrative with various confusing subplots and too much focus on the bad guys.

  • The Medium

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    Nov 6

    While the faux documentary/found footage angle threatens to buckle proceedings on occasion, ‘The Medium’ is nevertheless an impressive and brutally nihilistic delve into the dark side of spirituality.

  • Hell Hath No Fury

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    Oct 31

    Those expecting a one-woman killing machine type flick may be disappointed as this is much more a character piece and darkly told tale that pulls no punches.

  • 6 Bullets

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    Oct 31

    ‘6 Bullets’ is a decent little action B movie with a couple of enjoyable fights and a fine performance from Van Damme as the grizzled assassin.

  • New York Ninja

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    Oct 25

    The glory days of the 80s ninja flick may be long gone but ‘New York Ninja’ is a welcome reminder of how much crazy earnest fun they were.

  • Wish Dragon

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    Oct 25

    Like many modern animations, it’s a very fast-paced and colourful affair that features an easy to warm to set of characters and some simplistic humour that is suitable for all the family.

  • Lady Detective Shadow

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    Oct 20

    ‘Lady Detective Shadow’ is part Detective Dee and part ‘Come Drink With Me’ though nowhere as good as either.

  • Tribal: Get Out Alive

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    Oct 8

    Tightly helmed by Brit action guy Matt Routledge, ‘Tribal’ is a fun collision of genres that overcomes a limited budget (and the occasional ropey acting) to deliver a short and sharp horror action hybrid.

  • Find Your Voice

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    Oct 1

    It’s good to see Hong Kong actor/composer Lowell Lo again, and Andy Lau is always charming. Nevertheless, ‘Find Your Voice’ is as subtle as a hammer to the kneecaps.

  • Hospital

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    Sep 24

    A pretty cool concept for this Taiwanese horror is all but wasted under a slew of clichés, incredibly muddled plotting, and not enough decent scares.

  • All U Need Is Love

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    Sep 17

    It has to be admitted that there are some decent moments within the film and it certainly brings more smiles to the face than many a Chinese New Year comedy of the past.

  • Blade Of The Immortal

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    Sep 10

    Billed as Takashi Miike’s 100th film at the time of release, ‘Blade of the Immortal’ sees the enfant terrible deliver one of his best films of recent: both violently excessive and beautifully crafted.

  • Breakout Brothers

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    Sep 3

    This is a surprisingly exciting and often blackly comic thriller that borrows from ‘Prison on Fire’ but does so with real skill.

  • Silat Warriors: Deed Of Death

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    Aug 27

    A mixed bag unfortunately but if you stick with it there is some incredible fight action come the second half which is a great showcase for some very gifted screen fighters.

  • Keep Running

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    Aug 20

    It’s hard not to come away from ‘Keep Running’ with a feeling of awe for those involved, but also a sense that we’ve come to really get to know the participants by the end.

  • Raging Fire

    A bit of ‘Heat’ mixed with Chan’s own ‘Invisible Target’, ‘Raging Fire’ hits hard in both the action and drama, the much-missed director delivering one of his finest.

  • The 8th Night

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    Aug 10

    For two thirds of its running time, ‘The 8th Night’ is a satisfyingly low key supernatural thriller that explores themes of shamanism, redemption and even friendship as the two monks grapple with a dangerous evil.

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