• Badland Hunters

    Slickly helmed by stunt guy and first-time director Heo Myung-Haeng, ‘Badland Hunters’ is some rollicking fun not to be taken too seriously.

  • Men On The Dragon

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    Apr 22

    Each of the protagonists has their own trial to overcome, each has a solid character arc, and each contributes to the infectious enthusiasm created herein.

  • The Boy And The Heron

    Beginning somewhat sombre and low key before exploding into a cavalcade of colour and crazy (talking) creatures, ‘The Boy And The Heron’ is pure unbridled Miyazaki.

  • Bodyguard Kiba 2

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    Mar 21

    Not as riotously entertaining as the first instalment, ‘Bodyguard Kiba 2’ is still a fun watch, mainly to see Chiba strutting his cool stuff and for the impressive fight scenes that open and close the film.

  • Bodyguard Kiba

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    Mar 18

    Existing in its own heightened reality, ‘Bodyguard Kiba’ is all about making our hero look cool (and indestructible!) and the bad guys as nasty as possible.

  • Visitors

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    Mar 12

    Owing a lot to likes of ‘Evil Dead’ (and other 80s style demon/zombie/gore films) Kenichi Ugana puts enough of his own spin and Japanese style quirk into proceedings to make it his own.

  • Fighting Spirit

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    Mar 4

    ‘Fighting Spirit’ has some energy and a surfeit of almost non-stop fights but is just a little too cheap, hokey, and grimy to recommend as silly fun.

  • A Guilty Conscience

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    Feb 26

    While not without some dry humour, Jack Ng’s courtroom drama is a mostly sober look at a theme that pops up in cinema worldwide, namely how the legal system tends to favour those with money and influence.

  • Code of Honor

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    Feb 26

    There’s very little action on offer and Seagal is just a secondary character in a movie in which his name and face are plastered all over the packaging.

  • Slaughter In San Francisco

    Helmed by the then prolific Lo Wei and giving Wong Tao an early leading role, ‘Slaughter in San Francisco’ is some often cheesy but action-packed old school martial arts action.

  • Yakuza Wolf 2

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    Feb 20

    Cool, swift, and breezy, ‘Yakuza Wolf 2’ may be different in tone and style to the first film, and nowhere near as satisfying, but is still some fun gangster action with Chiba at the top of his game.

  • Yakuza Wolf

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    Feb 19

    Fierce Yakuza action from the man Sonny Chiba, ‘Yakuza Wolf’ has lost none of its power as it dishes up a hard-hitting dose of violent action and in-your-face exploitation.

  • River

    ,  • 
    Feb 12

    ‘River’ might not reach ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes’ heights of loopy brilliance, but it’s another mixture of Japanese invention and wit that is sure to please those looking for an antidote to bloated Hollywood excess.

  • Long Arm Of The Law II

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    Feb 7

    Not for the fainthearted but for fans of hard-edged cop action films from the golden era of Hong Kong, this is tough to beat.

  • Perfect Days

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    Jan 31

    A hard slog for some, but a beautiful appreciation of the ordinary for many, a look at how day-to-day life can have a worth all of its own.

  • I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!

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    Jan 29

    The same lead duo and director had given audiences the wildly uneven ‘Fast Fingers’ the year before, but whereas that was entertaining, ‘I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad!’ is a bit of a slog.

  • Samurai Wolf II

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    Jan 22

    Slicker and swifter this time around, ‘Samurai Wolf II’ is still some dark, fight filled, chanbara entertainment but is perhaps unnecessarily complex and convoluted for its own good.

  • Samurai Wolf

    , , ,  • 
    Jan 22

    Short but sharp samurai flick from an early on in his career Hideo Gosha, ‘Samurai Wolf’ still packs a punch despite its short running time and being almost 60 years old.

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