In Love With… Kim Won-Jin in ‘Operation Scorpio’

Vasily Pugh remembers the first time that he witnessed the impressive feats of actor Kim Won-Jin in ‘Operation Scorpio’.

Feature by Vasily Pugh


  • Along Comes A Tiger

    Once again, Wu Ma has delivered an independent genre flick that is involving, utilising his excellent cast well and making a very predictable story about revenge something a little different.

  • War

    The problem with ‘War’ is that there just isn’t enough grit and oomph to make it a tough thriller and not enough action to make it a fun action movie.

  • Mercenary For Justice

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    Despite a few hints of quality from the action/stunt team, the film is a shambolically constructed mess that is rarely fun to watch.

  • Minari


    ‘Minari’ is beautifully shot – Terence Malik would be proud – and directed with such assuredness that you quickly realise that you are watching something special.

  • Sakura Killers

    While the whole story and most of the acting is goofy-as-hell there’s no doubting the fun ‘Sakura Killers’ delivers, along with all the great ninja busting.

  • Danger Dolls

    ‘Danger Dolls’ seems to have been recorded on someone’s iPhone and there are a greater range of sets in an Andy Milligan film than this one.

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