Trailer: ‘The Beginning’

By   |  Jun 28, 2024

‘The Beginning’ (出发) is a 2024 Chinese historical drama directed by Liu Zhihai.

The film follows a young Mao Zedong as he travels thousands of miles to see how people truly live, leading him to go in search of a “cure” for the Chinese people’s suffering. The cast includes Luo Zekai, Chen Weixin, Monica Mok, Li Jun, Li Qiang, and Nie Jinquan.

Synopsis: In 1917, on the eve of the October Revolution in Russia, the world was in a state of war and China was at war with its warlords. Mao Zedong, a student who was about to graduate from the teacher’s training centre, was driven by his youthfulness and bewilderment to travel thousands of miles on foot with his senior, Xiao Zisheng, to see the world and people’s lives. From the passionate romance of “using the riverbank as a bed, the blue sky as a tent, and the moon as a lantern” to the adventurous experience of encountering bullying and caring for all living beings, Mao felt the misery and suffering of the people in the world, which overturned his previous perceptions and values, and from then on Mao was inspired to search for the “Great Origin” way to save the country and the people on Chinese soil. [© Far East Films]

‘The Beginning’ opens across China on July 1, 2024.

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