Trailer: ‘The Foggy Mountain’

By   |  Jul 7, 2020

‘The Foggy Mountain’ (Đỉnh Mù Sương) is a 2020 Vietnamese martial arts thriller directed by Phan Anh.

The film follows a fearless fighter who goes in search of vengeance after his blind wife is murdered. The cast includes Peter Pham, Simon Kook, Truong Dinh Hoang, Truc May, Thach Kim Long, and Cong Ninh.

Synopsis: After the unexpected death of his beloved wife, a martial artist decides to return to Vietnam to demand a debt of blood. He faces a dangerous crime organisation that kidnaps women and children and transports them across borders. In the journey to find the boss, he encounters numerous difficulties, including having to rescue and protect a group of victims, in addition to battling against a series of challenging enemies.

‘The Foggy Mountain’ opens across Vietnam on July 17, 2020.

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