Trailer: ‘Vampire Night’

By   |  Apr 21, 2017

‘Vampire Night’ is an upcoming Japanese action horror movie directed by Shinpei Yamasaki.

The film revolves around a pair of sisters who take a trip to a healing hot spring but soon discover that it’s also a den for vampires. The cast includes Yurina Yanagi, Yuuka Ueno, Yuhi, Tomoya Maeno, and Michi Yamamura.

Synopsis: Sayo Yukimura (Yurina Yanagi) is a police officer. She and her younger sister Miwa (Yuuka Ueno), who is an archer with an injured elbow, decide to visit a ryokan (a traditional Japanese inn). The ryokan is located deep in the mountain and features a nearby hot spring that is known for its healing qualities. But … the ryokan is a den for vampires.

‘Vampire Night’ opens across Japan on May 6, 2017.

Thanks to AsianWiki

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