• Shock Wave

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    Nov 20

    ‘Shock Wave’ is an above average Andy Lau action film that shows that the star can still be called on to play the tough hero when needed.

  • Crazy Sex

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    Nov 13

    Fans of Shirley Yu and Chen Ping or lurid seventies Chinese sex-comedies will find some rewarding nuggets of enjoyment within ‘Crazy Sex’.

  • Skin Trade

    A worthy attempt to fuse a serious topic with insane action, ‘Skin Trade’ can’t quite find the right balance between the two but rollicks along on the charisma and fight power of its stars.

  • Weeds On Fire

    More than workmanlike though never content with just being another sports film, ‘Weeds On Fire’ is an encouraging sign of life in Hong Kong cinema.

  • Cherie

    ,  • 
    Nov 2

    Patrick Tam’s ‘Cherie’ is, simply put, little more than a moderately average eighties romantic comedy and decidedly underwhelming when compared against any of the true “greats” of the era.

  • Legendary

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    Oct 30

    ‘Legendary’ overcomes any budgetary limitations to deliver a solid adventure that harkens back to the fun monster movies of yesteryear.

  • The Taste Of Rice Flower

    Oct 25

    While the episodic narrative fails to engage, the short vignettes of the Dai culture and the stunning cinematography make ‘The Taste of Rice Flower’ a more bearable experience.

  • Bloodfist VIII: Hard Way Out

    ,  • 
    Oct 25

    ‘Hard Way Out’ is a sloppily cobbled together mess that is littered with awful genre cliches and a collection of very bad actors.

  • The Call-Girls

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    Oct 19

    It entertains, titillates and amuses, as well as throws in a hint of social commentary as afterthought, but it’s a giddy, gaudy way to spend some time, providing of course that the subject matter itself doesn’t offend one’s sensibilities to begin with.

  • Boyka: Undisputed

    , , , ,  • 
    Oct 16

    Scott Adkins returns to one of his signature roles in this fourth instalment of the ‘Undisputed’ franchise and, much like Parts 2 & 3, he and the film deliver.

  • Tunnel

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    Oct 10

    Tense, exciting, thoughtful and often very funny, ‘Tunnel’ has so many facets to be congratulated on that a few paragraphs barely seem appropriate to sing its praises.

  • Heaven And Hell

    ‘Heaven and Hell’ is actually a whole lot more interesting, and engaging, than one would outwardly expect from its (largely) negative reputation.

  • The Red Turtle

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    Sep 29

    Bravo to everyone behind ‘The Red Turtle’ for reminding this reviewer just how powerful simple, intelligent film-making can be without the bells and whistles.

  • The Tag-Along 2

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    Sep 25

    Much more than a trashy quickie horror sequel than many might be expecting, ‘The Tag-Along 2’ is an entertaining ghostly romp that when on form, expertly blends drama and frights.

  • Dragon Ball Z: Cooler’s Revenge

    ‘Cooler’s Revenge’ is another entertaining if somewhat average ‘Dragon Ball Z’ movie that, much like most of the previous outings, is a film that is probably better suited to the existing fanbase.

  • Edge Of Innocence

    ,  • 
    Sep 20

    ‘End of Innocence’ won’t be counted among the great thrillers to come out of Asia in recent years, but it’s a more than competent effort and generates real tension before the credits roll.

  • The Boy And The Beast

    , , ,  • 
    Sep 11

    A unique coming of age tale and a wonderfully creative and fully realised fantasy world combine to deliver a rewarding and touching anime.

  • Dragon Blade

    ‘Dragon Blade’, for the most part is an entertaining ride but sways inconsistently between hard hitting period action and cheesy dramatics.

  • Sky On Fire

    , ,  • 
    Aug 25

    Ringo Lam in the director’s chair should ensure a film that is at least cohesive. ‘Sky On Fire’ shows that this faith in the film-maker may be currently under review as this incredulous action thriller is a messy, wildly inconsistent affair.

  • A Loner

    Aug 18

    ‘A Loner’ is therefore a solid, thoughtful meditation on a traditionally Western problem that is now creeping into the affluent East, but should have been more than its good intentions.

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