Blu-ray & DVD release: ‘Ah Fei’

By   |  Dec 25, 2023

Deltamac are bringing the 1984 Taiwanese drama ‘Ah Fei’ (油麻菜籽) to Taiwanese Blu-ray and DVD on December 29, 2023.

Based on a novel by Liao Hui-Ying and directed by Wan Jen, the film follows the changing fortunes of a rural Taiwanese family, led by its embittered matriarch, as the years pass. The cast includes Ko I-Chen, Chen Chiu-Yen, Ann Lee, Lai Te-Nan, and Su Hui-Lun.

Synopsis: Xiu Qin (Chen Chiu Yen) comes from a well-off family, and has a son and daughter with husband Li Shi Jun (Ko I Chen). However, Shi Jun throws the family into crisis with his philandering and money-squandering ways. After Shi Jun’s affairs are exposed, they have no choice but to sell their home and move to Taipei. Xiu Qin’s daughter Ah Hui (Su Ming Ming) is smart and studious, but she’s held back by an incompetent father and increasingly domineering mother who favors boys over girls. As Ah Hui grows older, her sense of independence also grows, along with conflicts and tensions with her mother.

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