Blu-ray & DVD release: ‘And Miles To Go Before I Sleep’

By   |  May 29, 2024

Deltamac are bringing the 2022 Taiwanese documentary ‘And Miles To Go Before I Sleep’ (九槍) to Taiwanese Blu-ray and DVD on June 28, 2024.

Directed by Tsai Tsung Lung, the film details the events surrounding the shooting and eventual death of a Vietnamese youth who was reported for car theft.

Synopsis: Nguyen Quoc Phi was a young Vietnamese man who came to Taiwan with dreams of a better life but was accused of car theft and shot dead by the police under questionable circumstances. This investigative documentary features never-before-seen body-cam footage and in-depth interviews, shedding light on the harsh reality of the migrant worker system between Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It exposes the discrimination and inequality faced by migrant workers who are brought to Taiwan to work in low-wage jobs, challenges viewers to question systemic injustices, and amplifies the voices of often-silenced migrant workers. 

‘And Miles To Go Before I Sleep’ is available to pre-order now from

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