Blu-ray & DVD release: ‘Happy Ghost IV’

By   |  May 12, 2022

Panorama are bringing the 1990 Hong Kong supernatural comedy ‘Happy Ghost IV’ (開心鬼救開心鬼) to Hong Kong Blu-ray and DVD on May 13, 2022.

Directed by Clifton Ko, the film finds Happy Ghost called in to help his descendent deal with the spirit of an ancient swordsman. The cast includes Raymond Wong Pak-Ming, Pauline Yeung, Wu Fung, Charlie Cho, Tommy Wong, and Lau Shun.

Synopsis: Happy Ghost (Raymond Wong Pak-Ming) is called in to help his descendant Hong Sum Kwai (also Raymond Wong Pak-Ming) with his modern troubles. In addition to a possessed girlfriend (Pauline Yeung), Hong has four troublesome boy students (played by rock group Beyond) who are trying to romance a quartet of complete cuties (Loletta Lee, Fennie Yuen, May Lo, and Charine Chan). When the spirit of an ancient swordsman (Lau Shun) enters the mix, it’s a trio of ancient Chinese spirits causing untold issues in the modern world! Can they be stopped, or would that cease any further hilarity?

• Cantonese/Mandarin soundtracks
• Chinese/English subtitles
• Postcard [First press only]
• Region: A/3

‘Happy Ghost IV’ is available to pre-order now from

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