Blu-ray & DVD release: ‘One Night at School’

By   |  Jan 18, 2024

Vicol Entertainment are bringing the 2023 Hong Kong comedy ‘One Night at School’ (夜校) to Hong Kong Blu-ray and DVD on January 25, 2024.

Written and directed by Sunny Lau, the film follows an unemployed man and an inventor who hatch a plan to steal the body of the richest man in town and demand a ransom. The cast includes Michael Cheung, Ling Man-Lung, Eric Kot, Jim Chim, Heidi Lee, Kenneth Woo, and Ashina Kwok.

Synopsis: An unemployed man and an inventor steal the body of the richest man in town and demand $300 million for its safe return. They hide the body in an abandoned school but never would they have imagined that on the same night, the Body Snatchers would meet the gangster’s second son, who kidnapped the leader of a social organization to avenge his father’s death, and five beautiful hostesses, who are on a live broadcast of a psychic mission in the abandoned school. The three gangs, each with their own agenda, gather at the school to start a hilarious fight. Will the plan of the Twins to steal the body be uncovered? Will the trio be able to extort the ransom of $300 million in the end? [© Far East Films]

‘One Night at School’ is available to pre-order now from

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