Blu-ray release: ‘Female Yakuza Tale’

By   |  Oct 12, 2022

Discotek Media are bringing the 1973 Japanese action pink film ‘Female Yakuza Tale’ (やさぐれ姐御伝 総括リンチ) to US Blu-ray on December 27, 2022.

Directed by Teruo Ishii, the film revolves around a gambling bandit who teams up with a sword-wielding wanderer to take on the entire Tokyo underworld. The cast includes Reiko Ike, Makoto Aikawa, Ryohei Uchida, Arumi Kuri, Meika Seri, Jun Midorikawa, and Emi Jo.

Synopsis: A gambler and underworld mover and shaker by trade, Ocho (Reiko Ike) moves to Kobe where she hopes to start a new life in the city but she’s kidnapped by a gang of punks who tie her up, rip off her kimono and carry out a vicious assault. When Ocho wakes up, she finds herself laying next to a dead woman and holding a bloody knife in her hand. Determined to find the men who did this to her, Ocho sets out into the streets of Kobe. Aided by a lone wolf adventurer (Ryohei Uchida), Ocho investigates a ruthless gang of cutthroats who are using indentured street walkers as drug mules to smuggle heroin from China.

• 1080p high definition
• Japanese language
• English subtitles
• Region: A

‘Female Yakuza Tale’ is available to pre-order now from

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