Blu-ray release: ‘The H-Man’ & ‘Battle in Outer Space’

By   |  Aug 31, 2020

Eureka Entertainment are bringing two classic sci-fi films, ‘The H-Man’ (美女と液体人間) and ‘Battle in Outer Space’ (宇宙大戦争), to UK Blu-ray on November 16, 2020.

The H-Man (1958)
Cast: Yumi Shirakawa, Kenji Sahara, Akihiko Hirata, Eitaro Ozawa
When a narcotics deal goes sour and a suspect disappears leaving only his clothes, Tokyo police question his wife and stake out the nightclub where she works. His disappearance stumps the police – until a young scientist appears who claims that H-Bomb tests in the Pacific, evidenced by a “ghost ship” that has turned up in the harbor, have created radioactive creatures – “H-Men” – who ooze like slime and dissolve anyone they touch.

Battle in Outer Space (1959)
Cast: Ryo Ikebe, Kyoko Anzai, Minoru Takada, Koreya Senda
Munchkin-like aliens invade Earth full force with their flying saucers and laser weapons, rendering cities helpless. All eyes turn to the most powerful nations on Earth as they unite to concoct a plan to vanquish the aliens and return Earth to the hands of humans, thus resulting in the most fierce and ultimate battle royale in outer space the galaxy as ever seen.

• O Card slipcase with artwork by Darren Wheeling [2000 copies]
• Japanese and English versions of each film
• Original mono audio presentations
• English subtitles (Japanese version) and English SDH (English version)
• The H-Man audio commentary with Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski
• The H-Man audio commentary with David Kalat
• Battle in Outer Space audio commentary with Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski
• Battle in Outer Space audio commentary with David Kalat
• Stills Galleries
• Collector’s booklet
• Region: B

Packaged together as an ‘Ishiro Honda Double Feature’, the two films are available for pre-order now from

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