DVD & Digital release: ‘The Flying Swordsman’

By   |  Dec 8, 2023

Well Go USA are bringing the 2022 Chinese wuxia movie ‘The Flying Swordsman’ (雪山飞狐之塞北宝藏 / The Hidden Fox) to US DVD and Digital on January 9, 2023.

Directed by Qiao Lei and based on the works of Louis Cha, the film follows a group of men who set out on a journey to recover an ancient treasure from Feihu Mountain. The cast includes Zhao Huawei, Chen Yusi, Ray LuiChunyu ShanshanChen Zihan, Yang Yi, Zhao Zichong, Fu Jia, Ben Ng, and Mark Cheng.

Synopsis: After a wicked plot to steal a hidden fortune results in the death of two renowned warriors, the map leading to the treasure’s rumored location inexplicably disappears. But when the map is finally located a decade later, the eight assassins from the original plot re-emerge only to be challenged by a mysterious swordsman.

‘The Flying Swordsman’ will be available to pre-order soon from Amazon.com.

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