Teaser: ‘Seoul Vibe’

By   |  Aug 5, 2022

‘Seoul Vibe’ (서울대작전) is a 2022 South Korean action movie directed by Moon Hyun-Sung.

Set during the 1980s, the film follows a ragtag team of drivers and mechanics who go undercover to dismantle a massive money-laundering ring. The cast includes Yoo Ah-In, Ko Gyung-Pyo, Lee Kyu-Hyung, Park Ju-Hyun, and Ong Seong-Wu.

Synopsis: With the world’s eyes trained to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, the illegal transactions of capital (funds) is a significant issue. A special operation, driven by a talented crew of baby drivers known as the Sangedong Supreme team, starts to unravel the corruption behind the slush funds.

‘Seoul Vibe’ will be released on Netflix on August 26, 2022.

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