Theatrical release: ‘July Rhapsody’

By   |  Apr 20, 2024

Cheng Cheng Films are bringing the 2002 Hong Kong drama ‘July Rhapsody’ (男人四十) to select US theatres throughout May and July 2024.

Directed by Ann Hui, the film revolves around a middle-aged high school teacher who finds himself pondering an affair after his wife leaves for a month to help her former lover. The cast includes Jacky Cheung, Anita Mui, Karena Lam, Shaun Tam, Tuo Tsung-Hua, and Eric Kot.

Synopsis: In appearance, Lam prides himself on teaching classic Chinese literature at an elite school and a family of a caring wife and two sons. Deep down, the man of forty tastes unfulfilled ambitions in affluent old classmates’ belittlements and unsatisfied desires in seductions from a free-spirited student. The sudden return of his teenage years mentor finally wrecks this vulnerable balance. Lam must unearth the long-hidden truth about who he is and gain a new perspective on how to live the rest of his life.

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