Theatrical release: ‘The Rescue’

By   |  Jan 20, 2020

CMC Pictures are bringing the 2020 Chinese disaster movie ‘The Rescue’ (紧急救援) to US, UK and Australian cinemas on January 24, 2020.

Directed by Dante Lam, the film revolves around a rescue unit within the Chinese Coast Guard who are forced to overcome their personal differences to resolve a crisis. The cast includes Eddie Peng, Xin Zhilei, Wang Yanlin, Lan Yingying, Xu Yang, Li Mincheng, and Wang Yutian.

Synopsis: A serious accident occurred on an offshore drilling platform, which may sink at any time. All members of the Transportation Emergency Response Team heads to location the moment they hear the alarm. With the time counting down, captain Gao Qian (Eddie Peng) leads the helicopters fly into the explosion and fiercely burning fire, targeting at the platform. Together with his team member and comrade, Zhao Cheng (Wang Yanlin), Gao Qian gets into the platform in the most dangerous way with only one goal – to save the survivors…

‘The Rescue’ will be showing in both dubbed and subbed formats. Please check your local listings for screening times.

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