Trailer [2]: ‘Creation of the Gods’

By   |  Jul 18, 2023

‘Creation of the Gods’ (封神第一部 / Creation of the Gods I: Kingdom of Storms) is a 2023 Chinese period fantasy action movie co-written and directed by Wuershan.

Based on Xu Zhonglin’s 16th century novel ‘Investiture of the Gods’, the film is the first part in Wuershan’s long-awaited Fengshen Trilogy and revolves around an immortal who descends from the mountains to find a commoner to save the world.  The cast includes Fei XiangLi XuejianHuang BoYu Yosh, Luke Chen, Na Ran, Ci Sha, Xia YuChen KunYuan Quan, and Eric Yang Le.

Synopsis: After King Yin Shou (Fei Xiang) of the Shang Dynasty colludes with the tyrannical and unscrupulous fox demon Daji (Na Ran), he triggers the wrath of heaven. Jiang Ziya (Huang Bo), an immortal from Kunlun, comes down from the mountains with the “God Sealing List” to find a commoner to save the world. Ji Fa (Yu Yosh), the son of Xi Bohou, discovers the true nature of Yin Shou and rebels against the dynasty. As all the forces of the world are in a state of flux, the first signs of change are revealed. [© Far East Films]

‘Creation of the Gods’ opens across China on July 20, 2023.

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