Trailer [2]: ‘Little Canned Men’

By   |  Sep 14, 2021

‘Little Canned Men’ (皮皮鲁与鲁西西之罐头小人) is a 2021 Chinese family adventure written and directed by Yu Fei.

Based on a book by Zheng Yuanjie, the film revolves around a pair of siblings who discover a group of little people hidden inside a strange can. The cast includes Hong Yuexi, Zhuang Zexi, Tian Yu, Liu Yiying, Wen Chundi, Liu Xiangqing, Zhu Jintong, Yu Shuyao, Li HaoDong, Bai Yao, and Zheng Yuanjie.

Synopsis: Pipiru and Lucius are twin siblings. Lucius has excellent grades while Pipiru is naughty and playful. One day Lucius discovers a strange can in his home that contains five little people the size of matchsticks. Lucius gives them all names – Doctor, Captain, Artist, Singer, and Diplomat. After Pipiru and Lucius get to know the five canned people, their lives change drastically, and a series of fantasy adventures begins. [© Far East Films]

‘Little Canned Men’ opens across China on September 30, 2021.

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