Trailer: ‘Again 1997’

By   |  Mar 24, 2024

‘Again 1997’ (어게인 1997) is a 2024 South Korean fantasy drama directed by Shin Seung-Hoon.

The film revolves around a stuntman who is transported back to 1997 and given the opportunity to try and rectify some of his past decisions. The cast includes Jo Byeong-Kyu, Han Eun-Su, Koo Jun-Hoe, Choi Hui-Seung, and Park Chul-Min.

Synopsis: Now in his 40s, stuntman Woo-Seok (Kim Da-Hyun) wishes he could return to his life’s prime in 1997 before a facial scar ended his acting dreams. One day, he purchases five talismans from a monk (Park Chul-Min), hoping to change his life. Miraculously, during a film shoot, a car accident transports him back to his high school days in 1997. Now living as a high school student, Woo-Seok (Jo Byeong-Kyu) embarks on a project to revamp his past life.

‘Again 1997’ opens across South Korea on April 10, 2024.

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