Trailer: ‘Ba Jie’

By   |  Jan 12, 2022

‘Ba Jie’ (八戒之天蓬下界) is a 2022 Chinese animated fantasy adventure directed by Ma Dehua.

The film follows a heavenly guard who loses a sacred artefact and must travel down to the demon city to try and retrieve it. No details have been released yet regarding the voice cast.

Synopsis: As the war between heaven, humans and demons rages on, Marshal Tianpeng loses a heavenly artefact due to his sloppy guarding. He decides to travel down to the demon city in disguise to look for it. Once there, Tianpeng is not only turned into a pig demon but also loses his mana… [© Far East Films]

‘Ba Jie’ is due for release across China in 2022.

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