Trailer: ‘Band Four’

By   |  Oct 11, 2023

‘Band Four’ (4拍4家族) is a 2023 Hong Kong drama written and directed by Lai Yan-Chi.

The film follows an aspiring singer who is reunited with her estranged guitarist father and, along with other family members, the pair wind up forming their own unique band. The cast includes Kay Tse, Teddy Robin, Anna hisbbuR, Rondi Chan, and Tan Han-Jin.

Synopsis: Cat (Kay Tse) is an aspiring singer who is determined to make it on the international stage. She grew up worshipping her guitarist father, King (Teddy Robin), who left the family when she was ten years old. Twenty years later, Cat’s mother passes away after a long illness, and she and her son Riley (Rondi Chan) meet King at the crematorium, along with his other daughter, Lok Ching (Anna hisbbuR). Suddenly the four of them are under the same roof, a home with four voices, each with their own struggles, secrets and fears, making it difficult to communicate. Music is the only thing they have in common, and as they begin to listen to each other in tune, the Band Four face an even greater dilemma… [© Far East Films]

‘Band Four’ opens across Hong Kong and China on October 19, 2023.

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