Trailer: ‘Beating Heart’

By   |  Aug 17, 2022

‘Beating Heart’ (世界上最爱我的人) is a 2022 Chinese crime drama directed by Arthur Wong.

The film revolves around two parents who are both willing to do anything they can to help their sick daughters. The cast includes Wang Qianyuan, Tan Zhuo, Huangyang Tiantian, Ai Mi, and Zhou Tie.

Synopsis: After two young girls become sick, the fates of their families become intertwined: a father (Wang Qianyuan) is willing to do anything he can to save the life of his daughter (Ai Mi), while a mother (Tan Zhuo) is willing to put all of her family’s assets on the line for the sake of her child (Huangyang Tiantian). In the face of life and death, will they be able to withstand the test of humanity? [© Far East Films]

‘Beating Heart’ opens across China on August 26, 2022.

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