Trailer: ‘Fighter’

By   |  Feb 11, 2021

‘Fighter’ (파이터) is a 2021 South Korean sports drama directed by Jero Yun.

The film follows a North Korean refugee who struggles to find a suitable job until she discovers that she has a passion for boxing. The cast includes Lim Sung-Mi, Baek Seo-Bin, Oh Gwang-Rok, and Lee Seung-Yeon.

Synopsis: After a few months of social adjustment training, North Korean refugee Ji-na moves to a small studio apartment in Seoul to start her new life. To bring her father to South Korea, she needs money but no matter how hard she works, discrimination gets in the way of her saving enough money. One day the broker introduces her to a boxing gym cleaning job. Seeing young and confident female boxers, Ji-na feels something burning inside… [Source: HanCinema]

‘Fighter’ opens across South Korea in March, 2021.

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