Trailer: ‘Fly Me To The Saitama II’

By   |  Nov 17, 2023

‘Fly Me To The Saitama II’ (翔んで埼玉 ~琵琶湖より愛をこめて~) is a 2023 Japanese comedy directed by Hideki Takeuchi.

Based on the gag manga by Mineo Maya, the film is a sequel to 2019’s ‘Fly Me To The Saitama’ that finds Rei pushing forward with his “Saitamaization of Japan” plan, leading to an unexpected East-West confrontation. The cast includes Gackt, Fumi Nikaido, Anne Watanabe, Ryo Kato, Tsubasa Masuwaka, and Mayu Hotta.

Synopsis: The people of Saitama Prefecture, who had been persecuted by the people of Tokyo, gained freedom and peace through the activities of the Saitama Liberation Front led by Rei Asami. Rei promotes the “Saitamaization of Japan” and plans to create a sea in Koshigaya in order to unite the hearts of the people of Saitama Prefecture. That’s why she heads to Wakayama in search of the beautiful white sand she needs. There, Rei witnesses the severe regional disparities and toll system that exist in Kansai as well. The conspiracy hatched in Osaka eventually develops into an East-West confrontation that involves all of Japan. [© Far East Films]

‘Fly Me To The Saitama II’ opens across Japan on November 23, 2023.

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