Trailer: ‘Ghost Diaries’

By   |  Sep 11, 2021

‘Ghost Diaries’ (ゴーストダイアリーズ) is a 2021 Japanese supernatural drama directed by Takeshi Sone.

The film revolves around a pair of friends who travel to an inn in search of a special dish but wind up encountering a ghost in need of help. The cast includes Ryo Kitamura, Sho Higano, Koutaro Kakimoto, and Tetsuo Kurata.

Synopsis: Freelance writer Ya and his friend Shinichi decide to visit a guest house in a search of special dish. When the pair arrive, they encounter the ghost of a young man named Kazuki who was the nephew of the inn’s owner, Tasaki. Unfortunately, he has been unable to make it to Buddhahood because he is full of regret following a fight he had with Tasaki while he was still alive. Shinichi, who has the ability to communicate with spirits, and Ya both offer to do what they can to help. [© Far East Films]

‘Ghost Diaries’ opened across Japan on September 10, 2021.

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