Trailer: ‘Hachioji Zombies’

By   |  May 23, 2020

‘Hachioji Zombies’ (八王子ゾンビーズ) is a 2020 Japanese horror comedy written and directed by Osamu Suzuki.

The film follows a man who begins to dance in front of an abandoned temple and unleashes a group of zombies. The cast includes Kenjiro Yamashita, Yuki Kubota, Rei Fujita, Haruki Kiyama, Yuta Ozawa, Akira Takano, Hikaru Makishima, Kairi Miura, and Koji Saikawa.

Synopsis: Takashi Habuki (Kenjiro Yamashita) dreams of becoming a dancer, but he keeps failing auditions. After effectively giving up on his dream, Takashi decides to visit Kibo Temple, which is located deep in the mountain. It is said that when nightfall comes, no one should visit the abandoned temple located at the rear. One night, still longing to dance, Takashi visits the temple and starts to practice his moves. Suddenly, 8 zombies appears in front of him…

‘Hachioji Zombies’ opens across Japan on July 17, 2020.

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