Trailer: ‘I Miss You’

By   |  Feb 19, 2024

‘I Miss You’ (被我弄丢的你) is a 2024 Chinese romantic drama directed by Han Yan.

Based on the novel ‘Wang Jinjin I Lost Twice’ by Zheng Zhi, the film revolves around a couple who get a second chance at love but their hesitancy about marriage could lead to them losing each other all over again. The cast includes Tan Jianci, Zhang Jingyi, Jiang Long, and Liu Lian.

Synopsis: In the summer of 2010, Bai Xiaoyu (Tan Jianci) met Wang Jinjin (Zhang Jingyi) for the first time at the college entrance exams and lost her. Four years later, they accidentally reunite in the crowd of job-seekers during graduation season and fall in love. In 2018, they have known each other for eight years and loved each other for five, but they are hesitant about marriage. They love each other but it is difficult to escape the heavy constraints of reality. Will Bai Xiaoyu once again lose Wang Jinjin? [© Far East Films]

‘I Miss You’ opens across China on March 8, 2024.

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