Trailer: ‘Mozart from Space’

By   |  Jun 15, 2022

‘Mozart from Space’ (外太空的莫扎特) is a 2022 Chinese sci-fi family comedy co-written and directed by Chen Sicheng.

The film revolves around a budding young astronomer who meets a mysterious alien creature with magical abilities. The cast includes Huang Bo, Rong Zishan, Yao Chen, Fan Wei, Mei Ting, and Huang Jue.

Synopsis: Ren Dawang (Huang Bo) is determined to train his son Ren Xiaotian (Rong Zishan), who likes astronomy, to be a pianist, and for that reason the pair are constantly quarrelling. One day, a mysterious alien, Mozart, appears unexpectedly, and from then on, Mozart helps Xiaotian to start a life of “fighting” with his father. What Xiaotian did not expect was that Mozart came to Earth with another mission… [© Far East Films]

‘Mozart from Space’ opens across China on July 15, 2022.

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