Trailer: ‘Nobody But You’

By   |  May 19, 2024

‘Nobody But You’ (不能错过的只有你) is a 2023 Chinese romantic drama directed by Chen Chen.

The film revolves around a man and a woman who are drawn together by their unlucky romantic encounters, but they soon find themselves falling in love with each other. The cast includes Yang Shuo, Li Mengmeng, Liu Liu, Ai Ru, and Xiong Ruiling.

Synopsis: Qin Huasheng (Yang Shuo), a failed and love-struck man from the north, returns to his hometown of Chengdu. There he meets Lin Wen (Li Mengmeng), a woman who has also suffered from a recent romantic tragedy. As the pair grow closer, this unexpected encounter makes them realize that love will always come, but only in the right place, at the right time, and with the right person. [© Far East Films]

‘Nobody But You’ was originally released in 2023 but will be re-released across China on May 20, 2024.

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