Trailer: ‘Nobody’s Lover’

By   |  Dec 6, 2022

‘Nobody’s Lover’ (만인의 연인) is a 2022 South Korean romantic drama written and directed by Han In-Mi.

The film revolves around an 18-year-old girl who is abandoned by her mother and forced to fend for herself while attempting to balance her complicated love life. The cast includes Hwang Bo-Un, Seo Young-Hee, Hong Sa-Bin, Kim Min-Chul, and Jun Suk-Ho.

Synopsis: At just 18 years old, Lee Yoo-Jin (Hwang Bo-Un) starts to experience the difficulties of life. After her mother gets pregnant, she leaves home with her boyfriend. Yoo-Jin must now take care of herself so she picks up a part-time job at a pizzeria. There she begins to meet new people and finds stability and acceptance from those around her. However, when she develops feelings for both a college student and a work colleague, she gets caught in the middle of a love triangle. [© Far East Films]

‘Nobody’s Lover’ opened across South Korea on December 1, 2022.

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