Trailer: ‘Off The Stage’

By   |  Mar 2, 2024

‘Off The Stage’ (追月) is a 2024 Chinese drama written and directed by Qiao Liang.

Based on the novel ‘The Past’ by Ai Wei, the film revolves around a famous opera actress who becomes very ill and decides to return home to see her three children one last time. The cast includes He Saifei, Yuan Wenkang, Lou Yujian, Tu Ling, Gao Zifeng, and Xu Ge.

Synopsis: When she was young, Ms. Qi (He Saifei), a famous actress of Yueju Opera, was famous throughout the country for her performance of “Chasing the Moon”. After years of success, she suddenly returns to her hometown and wants to reunite with her family. Her eldest son, Qiusheng, and youngest son, Xia Sheng, who she abandoned, find it difficult to get close to her, and a sudden incident gradually brings to light the hidden truths of the past.  [© Far East Films]

‘Off The Stage’ opens across China on March 8, 2024.

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