Trailer: ‘On Your Wedding Day’

By   |  Jul 31, 2018

‘On Your Wedding Day’ (너의 결혼식) is an upcoming South Korean romantic comedy written and directed by Lee Seok-Geun.

The film revolves around a man who receives a wedding invitation from his first love who he met in high school. The cast includes Park Bo-Young, Kim Young-Kwang, Shin So-Yul, Song Jae-Rim, and Kang Ki-Young.

Synopsis: Seung-Hee (Park Bo-Young) and Woo-Yeon (Kim Young-Kwang) meet for the first time in high school. Woo-Yeon likes her, but he isn’t sure if she feels the same. After graduating from college, they start their careers and seem to drift apart. However, one day Woo-Yeon receives an invitation to attend Seung-Hee’s wedding and the old feelings come flooding back.

‘On Your Wedding Day’ opens across South Korea on August 22, 2018.

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