Trailer: ‘Pilot’

By   |  Jun 30, 2024

‘Pilot’ (파일럿) is a 2024 South Korean comedy directed by Kim Han-Gyul.

The film revolves around a recently unemployed pilot who disguises himself as his sister to allow him to get his job back. The cast includes Cho Jung-Seok, Lee Joo-Myoung, Han Sun-Hwa, Shin Seung-Ho, and Hyun Bong-Sik.

Synopsis: A star pilot with top-notch flying skills and a popular TV show on the rise, Han Jung-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) loses everything in a single day when he makes a mistake and loses his job. With no airline willing to take him back after being blacklisted, Han-Woo is forced to take on the identity of his younger sister and finally succeeds in getting his job back. But his joy is short-lived, as he faces another unexpected challenge… [© Far East Films]

‘Pilot’ opens across South Korea on July 31, 2024.

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