Trailer: ‘Reversed Destiny’

By   |  Jun 18, 2024

‘Reversed Destiny’ (沙漏 / Sandglass) is a 2024 Chinese youth drama directed by Wen Jing.

The film revolves around a young girl whose life is shattered after losing her mother, but she finds comfort in the form of two good friends. The cast includes Qiu Tian, Bao Shangen, Justin Huang, Vivi Chen, and Wu Jiakai.

Synopsis: Mo Xingxing (Qiu Tian) suffers from mental illness because her mother died after saving a boy who lost his footing. Fortunately, accompanied by good friends Mi Sha (Bao Shangen) and Lu Li (Justin Huang), she experienced a warm youth. However, one day Xingxing discovers that Lu Li was the boy who had lost his footing. Unable to accept the truth, she decided to leave without saying goodbye. Ten years later, Xingxing reunites with her best friend, determined to face the past and open up the knot in her heart. [Source: MyDramaList]

‘Reversed Destiny’ opens across China on June 21, 2024.

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