Trailer: ‘Rob N Roll’

By   |  Jan 15, 2024

‘Rob N Roll’ (臨時劫案) is a 2024 Hong Kong action comedy co-written and directed by Albert Mak.

The film revolves around a robber who plans a heist only to be foiled by two dispirited, middle-aged men. The cast includes Aaron Kwok, Gordon Lam, Richie Ren, Maggie Cheung Ho-Yee, Lam Suet, and Lo Hoi-Pang.

Synopsis: A fierce robber has been plotting a major heist. Unfortunately, his plan is unintentionally foiled by two dispirited middle-aged best friends, and the stolen cash disappears. As a result, the trio has to run from the pursuit of a policewoman, as well as engage in a shootout to reclaim the stolen cash, putting their lives on the line.

‘Rob N Roll’ opens across China on January 19, 2024.

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