Trailer: ‘Rokuroku: The Promise of the Witch’

By   |  Jan 9, 2018

‘Rokuroku: The Promise of the Witch’ (ロクロク) is an upcoming Japanese horror movie directed by Yudai Yamaguchi.

The film centres around a women who experiences a number of mysterious events after she goes to meet an old high-school friend at a hotel restaurant. The cast includes Miho Nakanishi, Shiho, and Karia Nomoto.

Synopsis: Izumi, a plain and quiet woman, lives with her parents and a dementia-afflicted grandfather. One day, she receives a social media friend request from her middle-school friend Mika. Izumi remembers Mika only with bad feelings, but she reluctantly approves the request anyway. The two meet and go to the restaurant at a hotel. Over the course of a meal, Izumi’s mother calls to let her know her grandfather’s gone missing. Izumi and Mika cannot find the exit and suddenly a room numbered 666 appears, with Rokuroku, a log-neck woman wearing a red kimono, inside it. Izumi and Mika hear a creepy voice. Her neck gets longer and longer and they finally hear her saying, “You promised.”

‘Rokuroku: The Promise of the Witch’ opens across Japan on January 27, 2018.

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