Trailer: ‘Sensei’s Pious Lie’

By   |  Jun 14, 2024

‘Sensei’s Pious Lie’ (先生の白い嘘) is a 2024 Japanese drama directed by Koichiro Miki.

Based on the manga ‘Sensei no Shiroi Uso’ by Akane Torikai, the film revolves around a teacher who experiences a traumatic experience at the hands of her best friend’s boyfriend but chooses to keep it a secret to protect her friend. The cast includes Nao, Soya Igari, Ayaka Miyoshi, Momoko Tanabe, Sora Inoue, and Shunsuke Kazama.

Synopsis: Misuzu Hara (Nao) works as a high school teacher and prefers to keep a distance from her students. In the past, she was raped by her best friend’s boyfriend Hayafuji after he found out she liked him. She didn’t report the crime to the police and didn’t tell anyone else what happened. She still suffers from the trauma of what happened, but she continues to have a forceful relationship with Hayafuji who is now her best friend’s fiancee. One day, a rumor spreads that her student Yuki Niizuma is in a secret affair. Misuzu, as his teacher, meets with him to provide counselling. [Source: AsianWiki]

‘Sensei’s Pious Lie’ opens across Japan on July 5, 2024.

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