Trailer: ‘Song of Spring’

By   |  Apr 28, 2022

‘Song of Spring’ (妈妈! / Mama!) is a 2022 Chinese drama written and directed by Yang Lina.

The film revolves around an 85-year-old mother who has to take care of her 65-year-old daughter suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The cast includes Wu Yanshu, Xi Meijuan, Vicky Chen, Zhu Shimao, and Liu Yang.

Synopsis: An 85-year-old mother (Wu Yanshu) and her 65-year-old daughter (Xi Meijuan) live together. The daughter carries the guilt of her father and lives a puritanical life but Alzheimer’s disease is turning her into another person. Her ageing mother needs great strength to take care of her daughter and as their relationship changes, their two lives begin to complement each other. [© Far East Films]

‘Song of Spring’ opens across China on May 8, 2022.

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