Trailer: ‘Sunshine of My Life’

By   |  Aug 31, 2022

‘Sunshine of My Life’ (一路瞳行) is a 2022 Hong Kong drama written and directed by Judy Chu.

Based on a true story, the film revolves around the sighted daughter of a blind couple who is torn between studying abroad and staying home to help her parents. The cast includes Kara Hui, Hugo Ng, Karena Ng, Angus Yeung, and Janis Chan.

Synopsis: Zhu Zhixin (Chien-Yi Wu) has a pair of blind parents: Gan Xiaohong (Hui Ying Hung) and Zhu Guoqiang (Wu Dai Rong). She has been the “eyes” of her parents since she was a child, portraying the shapes and colours of the world for them. As Zhixin’s adolescence approaches, her love of painting and her talent for it make her eager to study art abroad, but conflicting ideas and frequent arguments bring the family atmosphere to a boiling point. When the opportunity comes, how will Zhixin choose between her family and her dreams? [© Far East Films]

‘Sunshine of My Life’ opens across Hong Kong on September 15, 2022.

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