Trailer: ‘The Umbrella Fairy’

By   |  Jul 5, 2024

‘The Umbrella Fairy’ (伞少女) is a 2024 Chinese animated fantasy adventure directed by Shen Jie.

The film revolves around a royal umbrella fairy who embarks on a journey with a young craftsman to prevent war after failing to guard a vengeful sword fairy. The voice cast includes Nie Xiying, Gu Jiangshan, Liu Xiaoyu, Shen Nianru, Zhang Jie, and Qiao Shiyu.

Synopsis: The princess of the former dynasty sends her beloved Qingluo Umbrella to be treasured in the Nianshu Pavilion. Before her departure, she hopes that the umbrella can be accompanied by the Black Jade Sword that belong to the former general. In order to fulfil her master’s wish, Qingdai, the spirit of the umbrella, searches the Pavilion and finds Forgetfulness, the spirit of the Black Jade Sword. However, Forgetfulness is bent on avenging her former master’s death and finds a chance to escape from the Pavilion. In order to prevent Forgetfulness from starting another war on earth, Qingdai and Mo Yang, a talented craftsman, set out on a journey to find her. [© Far East Films]

‘The Umbrella Fairy’ opens across China on July 6, 2024.

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