Trailer: ‘Tomorrow in the Finder’

By   |  May 24, 2024

‘Tomorrow in the Finder’ (明日を綴る写真館) is a 2024 Japanese drama directed by Jun Akiyama.

Based on the manga ‘Ashita wo Tsuzuru Shashinkan’ by Risa Aruta, the film revolves around a photographer who decides to put his career on hold so that he can apprentice with the man he most admires. The cast includes Sei Hiraizumi, Masaya Sano, Hitomi Kuroki, Yoshie Ichige, and Koichi Sato.

Synopsis: Samejima (Sei Hiraizumi) is a quiet photographer who runs a deserted photo studio. Captivated by his photographs, the up-and-coming photographer Taichi (Masaya Sano) decides to give up his spectacular career and apply to become his apprentice. Taichi, who has avoided even communicating with his family, cannot hide his surprise at Samejima’s deep involvement, which goes beyond the relationship between photographer and subject, as he carefully interacts with each of his clients. Taichi is pushed around by Samejima’s desperate efforts to help people with their problems and issues, but he begins to realize what he lacks. At the same time, he learns that Samejima and his family have “leftovers” that they have been turning away from. The ever-changing Taichi takes a step toward a future without regrets. The unexpected miracle that follows is sure to bring tears to his eyes. [© Far East Films]

‘Tomorrow in the Finder’ opens across Japan on June 7, 2024.

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