Trailer: ‘Walk the Line’

By   |  May 23, 2024

‘Walk the Line’ (扫黑·决不放弃) is a 2024 Chinese crime comedy-drama directed by Wu Bai.

The film revolves around a cowardly cop and his apprentice who find themselves thrust into the middle of a crackdown on organised crime. The cast includes Xiao Yang, Yu Ailei, Fan Chengcheng, Lin Lexuan, and Li Chengru.

Synopsis: Following the “anti-crime storm” in Goto City, a supervision team was dispatched to Kuizhou City. As the city continued its renovation work, fireworks broke out and the nearby community was flattened. It turned out that in this seemingly peaceful city, evil forces were gradually carrying out a “legal purge”. Li Nanbei (Xiao Yang) and Yu Qing (Fan Chengcheng), a cowardly cop and his apprentice, were ordered to assist in the investigation. The bizarre old case was covered in debris, and well-known entrepreneurs and officials were affected. The investigation process went through life and death, and the test of faith had just begun.

‘Walk the Line’ opens across China on June 8, 2024.

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