Trailer: ‘Warm Hug’

By   |  Nov 19, 2020

‘Warm Hug’ (温暖的抱抱) is a 2020 Chinese comedy co-written and directed by Chang Yuan.

The film revolves around a man with OCD who sees his organised life spiral out of control after he meets a free-spirited girl. The cast includes Chang Yuan, Li Qin, Shen Teng, Qiao Shan, Ma Li, and Ai Lun.

Synopsis: Bao Bao (Chang Yuan) has obsessive-compulsive disorder, making him meticulous about cleanliness and organisation. He believes that he is an insulator for friendship and love, but when he meets a doctor with a unique style (Shen Teng) and falls for a carefree yet honest girl (Li Qin), his life begins to take a chaotic turn. [© Far East Films]

‘Warm Hug’ opens across China on December 31, 2020.

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